Go Big With Orlando Vacation Homes

Orlando vacation homes offer a large number of alternative accommodation solutions to hotels that might otherwise not be considered. Booking into a hotel in Orlando, perhaps whilst visiting Disney World, might be an obvious answer to your vacation accommodation needs, but there are many drawbacks and limitations, not to mention additional expenses, which might be spared by renting a private vacation property for your holiday.

A very significant number of people who take a trip to Orlando have friends or relatives in the area, and it is always good to have the opportunity to catch up and perhaps have a meal. However, if you choose to stay at a hotel for your vacation, this is not something which you can easily do. It might be possible to invite your friends or family to your hotel room, but few people would choose to entertain guests in a single room in which your whole family has been living for up to two weeks.

Besides, many hotels have rules which prevent guests from entering residents’ rooms. However, if you select one of the many Orlando vacation homes available you will be able to entertain your guests in whatever manner you choose. You can either dine out at a restaurant, coming back for an evening drink and a chat, even inviting your friends to stay overnight, or entertain them yourselves at a significantly lower cost, and probably with better food. Since the Orlando vacation home is temporarily yours it makes no difference who you invite, and how many people come to stay. Without a doubt, this provides a great deal more comfort and flexibility than a hotel room.

Another point worth noting is that if you choose to entertain your friends, the drinks are going to be a lot less expensive than hotel bar prices. Hotel bars are notoriously expensive, and it could either cost you a fortune or limit greatly the amount of time you can stay out. By buying drinks from a local supermarket you can enjoy a good comfortable evening in comfort, without having to worry about what time it is, how much it’s costing, or even arranging taxis or transport afterward.

Concerning cost, renting an Orlando villa rental for your holiday will very often work out significantly cheaper than paying for a hotel room. This is even before you start taking into account the cost of entertaining, drinks, food, and Orlando pest control. A standard Orlando vacation home, complete with bedrooms, living room, dining room, kitchen, garden, and very often a private pool or spa will cost around $130 per night. Should you choose to stay in a hotel, then for two adults and two children it is likely to cost around the same amount, if not slightly more. However, when you add on the cost of meals and drinks, the hotel room very quickly becomes significantly more expensive.

But perhaps, like an increasing number of people, you’re thinking of taking a bigger party for a Disney vacation in Orlando. If two families combine, with four adults and four children, a six or seven-bedroom villa will cost around $200 per night. That’s just $50 per adult per night, with the children classed as free! Very few, if any hotels will allow children to stay for free, so you could even compare the costs by suggesting everyone stays for $25 a head!

That’s a private, six-bedroom villa, with living accommodation, kitchen, dining room, gardens, and a private pool for less than the cost of dinner at the hotel! Throw in your cheap drinks, greater flexibility, and increased privacy and it’s easy to see why so many people are choosing Orlando vacation homes rather than paying for hotels. You don’t live in a single room at home, so why should you sacrifice comfort and privacy when you’re on holiday? Surely a vacation is all about relaxing, enjoying yourself, and being comfortable.

By combining two families, not only are you making a massive saving on cost, but the children will be able to have greater freedom to run about, wear off excess energy, play, find their own space, or even watch television or play games console rather than moaning about being cooped up in the same room as their parents for two weeks. Without a doubt, such an arrangement is likely to suit the parents as well!

If you’ve never seriously considered renting an Orlando vacation home rather than a hotel room, or would like to take a larger group away, but have worried about the excessive costs, or have friends or family you’d like to see but would rather not entertain in a hotel room, then Orlando vacation homes are most certainly the answer and can turn a trip into a vacation, a box into a villa and a huge bill into a few dollars.